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About Ce' Bespoke Jewellery

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Ce'Bespoke founder Rob Drewett has had a reassuringly long career in the jewellery industry, starting as an apprentice in a diamond-mounting studio at the age of 16. Tucked away in London's
Soho, the small, award-winning studio supplied rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces and carried out repair work for Mayfair luxury jewellery businesses such as Cartier, Garrard and Asprey and the auction house Christie's. It was a workshop with great character and variety, and an interesting place to learn. After five years, Rob and two others took over the business, retained the clients and ran it for another eight years, during which he moved it to Bishop's Stortford where he lived.

  • Makers & Designers of Fine Bespoke Jewellery
  • Fine Bespoke Jewellery creates a moment in time you remember forever
  • Our small design studio & workshop are in the UK
  • Making fine jewellery for over 30 years
  • A husband & wife team dedicated to providing the best personal service
  • Fire any questions you may have to info@cebespoke.com
  • https://twitter.com/CeTheJeweller
  • https://www.facebook.com/cethejeweller

We hope you find what we do exciting and contact us with whatever ideas or designs you may have. There is no charge to start an enquiry.. :)